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What is MP3Juices?

MP3Juices is the leading search engine for mp3 audio files. We're offering an ad-financed free search service which connects several sources and third party services to offer you an exclusive search experience.

Why should i use MP3Juices?

Whenever you are looking for a mp3 download, MP3Juices can help. If you are looking for a secure and easy way to search and download for audio files, MP3Juices has a solution for you. If you want to access media files that are censored or blocked by your country or company, MP3Juices is the best way to doing so.

Who uses MP3Juices?

Everyone. Millions of people from all walks of life in over 250 countries and territories. Students, professional business people, moms, dads, doctors, plumbers, insurance salesmen, mortgage brokers, you name it.

What is MP3Juices's stance towards abuse?

Recently, we have drawn some flak over our sites allegedly serving the sole purpose of mass copyright breach. Since some of the allegations are grotesquely overblown, we would like to put things into perspective.

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I cannot download any files at all! What is wrong?

If you are using an activate AdBlocker, it can be the reason why you can't download any file. In other cases it can depend on the browsers security settings which can block some downloads because of missing SSL certificates. If you have checked each of this cases but the download is not working anyway, use one of our contact addresses to send us an detailed report of you problem and we'll fix it for you.

Why is my download slow?

Depending on your connectivity to our server network, throughput may be limited and slower than what you expect. All our servers are sending each file with full speed.

Why i got no results for my search?

Please make sure that your searched query is spelled correct and check your internet connection. If you visit our site and your internet connection stop working you will not be able to search on our site. In all cases you can refresh the page once, redefine your searched query and start the search again.

Is it possible to download mp3 files to my iPhone/iPad?

It's not possible to save files on iPhones or iPads. Anyway, you're able to save the file to your dropbox and to stream if from there. To save the file to your dropbox click the button „Save to cloud” and choose „Dropbox” and follow the instructions.